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By using Essilor Varilux varifocal lenses you will benefit from one of the best lenses currently on the market. Essilor is the world leader for corrective lenses and offers quality solutions for every prescription lens requirement. The success of the group, which is present in more than 100 countries, is the result of a strategy that has been driven by innovation for more than 160 years. From design to manufacture, Essilor develops a wide range of lenses to correct and protect eyesight.


Varilux lenses available are:

  • Varilux Physio - Enjoy greater contrast and Visual Performance 
  • Varilux Comfort – Comfortable dynamic vision tailored to modern day requirements 
  • Xperio Polarising sunglass lenses – Eliminate glare and enhance colour and contrast whilst protecting the eyes from damaging UV rays 


Essilor S-series:

Varilux S series is the new Varilux premium range that provides the best Vision whatever the situation. For the first time we can promise you varifocal lenses that will give you complete visual freedom.

You will feel more balanced when moving and experience maximised fields of vision with Varilux S-Design. Most varifocals come with limitations. You are likely to experience a ‘swim’ effect and narrower fields of vision. Varilux S-Series lenses eliminate these constraints giving you ultimate vision with no compromise.


The Varilux S-Series boasts three revolutionary innovations in lens technology:

  • Nanoptix - The lens structure is engineered to maintain balance as your eyes move around 
  • SynchronEye - The lenses account for any differences between your eyes to improve your field of vision 
  • 4D Technology - They take into account the fact that one eye might be dominant, providing better reflex vision. 


Other lens types available:

  • Transitions – designed to adapt from clear whilst indoors to fully dark in birght sun, reacting accordingly to the intensity of the brightness. These also blocking out harmful UV lights 

  • Crizal Prevencia – Clear lenses designed to selectively filter harmful UV, which can cause cataracts and blue light which can cause AMD – Age Related Macular Degeneration 


 Other varifocal lenses:

As an Essilor Varilux Consultant Optician our focus is on quality, so we don’t limit ourselves to Essilor only lenses, we also use the following brands:

  • Zeiss, Nikon, Hoya and Kodak 

We can tailor your lenses precisely to your requirements, each giving options of thinner hi-index lenses, transitions, polarised, anti-glare, anti-scratch and tinted lenses

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