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Lenses and Thinner


When selecting your lenses during the frame order process you will come across these options in the drop down menu:

Frame only

Select this option if you:
  • Want to select the frame without a prescription lens.


Select this option:
  • If you wear your glasses everyday without the need for bi-focals or varifocals.
  • If you need them for seeing things in the distance, e.g. driving, television etc.
  • If you use your glasses for driving at night time or if used under strong lighting etc. an anti-reflective coating is advised.

Computer/Middle Distance

Select this option:
  • If you mostly use these glasses for computer work or anything at an arm’s length.
  • If you are a musician your music will normally be at an arm’s length/middle distance.
  • If you use a computer or use under strong lighting, etc. an anti-reflective coating is advised.


Select this option if :
  • You mostly read things close up, normally at half an arms length. (Books, papers etc)

Tinted lenses

  • Choose a light tint if you want a tint for everyday use.
  • Choose a dark tint if you want to give your glasses a sunglass tint.
  • All our tints are fully UV protected.

Transition Lenses

  • Transitions/Reactolite lenses will darken outdoors and go clear indoors.
  • These will give 100% UV protection and are available in grey or brown.
  • Due to UV protection on car windscreens these will not react as well inside vehicles.

Thinner lenses

  • This option is available if you want to avoid any excess thickness on stronger prescriptions.
  • If you do have a strong prescription a full rimmed frame or plastic/acetate frame will conceal the thickness of the lens much better.
  • Semi-rimless and rimless frames expose the edge thickness and we require a minimum thickness of 2mm to ensure the lens has sufficient strength.

Thinner lenses are as follows:

1.6 1.67 1.74

(Up to 30% thinner)


(Up to 36% thinner)


(Up to 42% thinner)
(Based on a -4 prescription)