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Accor / Eden Red Vouchers

If you use a VDU as part of your job, your employer (whatever the size of your company) is obliged to pay for your annual eye test, and in some circumstances, for your glasses.

Eyecare vouchers help your employer meet this obligation by making the process simple and cost-effective while giving you the flexibility to choose the eyecare you want.

Can I enter the value online?

No. As with all vouchers these need to be sent to us. Think of your Voucher as actual money, the amount on the face of the voucher is the amount you get off your purchase with us.

There are 2 ways we can process these vouchers:
  • You can order online and note you are sending your voucher to us. Once we receive the voucher we will contact you and refund the value of the voucher.
  • Send us the voucher first and on receipt of the voucher we will contact you and manually complete your order without the need for refunding.

Please note, we recommend sending the voucher by recorded delivery as this will insure the item. We cannot take responsibility for anything lost in the post.

If you require a letter-headed receipt for your purchase, especially if your employers pay the full or part cost, please mention this and we will be happy to do this. Our letter-headed receipts will contain the relevant VAT codes and Company Registration Number and is generally accepted by most employers as additional proof of purchase.

Before sending the voucher to us please make sure it is still in date and there is sufficient time given for us to send the voucher to Eden Red for a credit.